As Lakewood's business landscape experiences rapid growth, numerous establishments are facing the challenge of maintaining their presence. Even those that are performing well must remain vigilant and innovative to remain relevant, particularly in the face of intense competition from new businesses that emerge on a weekly basis.

While some businesses may have sufficient exposure, the majority must invest in advertising and other strategies to remain visible and appealing.


Shop It provides a valuable solution by enabling customers to easily access all relevant information about your business, including operational hours, contact information, website and social media links, ordering and delivery options, promotions, images and videos, and reviews. This platform is designed to enhance convenience, save time, and foster improved communication and understanding between your business and your customers.

Modern consumers expect a seamless experience when searching for businesses. They desire a single platform where they can easily search for a specific business category and access all relevant information about the businesses of interest.

Furthermore, businesses that are running promotions, ads, or sales often struggle to reach their target audience. Even those who are interested in the promotion may not be aware of it.

To address these challenges, a comprehensive platform is needed that allows customers to search for a specific business category and provides information about all promotions, sales, and ads related to that category. This platform will also enable businesses to target their ads to specific customers who are searching for their category.

In addition, easy access to social media links is crucial for modern businesses. Customers need to be able to view businesses' social media profiles easily to gain a better understanding of their brand and products.

Finally, having footage of shops or businesses, along with reviews from local customers, can provide a unique and immersive experience for shoppers. This enhances their understanding and perception of the business, leading to increased customer engagement and loyalty.

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