Lakewood has experienced substantial growth in the past decade, recently expanding more rapidly than ever before. The area now encompasses Toms River, Jackson, Brick, Howell, and even Manchester. In the past, Lakewood residents often would travel to Brooklyn to find certain stores, but now many of these stores have moved to Lakewood or have opened branches in Lakewood, with new shops popping up every month. With several thousand businesses in Lakewood and the surrounding areas, shoppers have access to virtually everything they can imagine, from storefronts to private basement businesses.


However, living in a bustling shopping area can also present challenges. Customers may struggle to find specific store information, locate sales, or get recommendations for services. While phone numbers for businesses are often easy to find, hours of operation or special late hours may not always be accurate on search engines. Ads and sales might be in one of the Lakewood weekly’s, but they are not always handy, and tracking down a specific sale can be a difficult task. This is where "Shop It" comes in.


Shop It is a platform that provides a central hub for all of your shopping needs. Whether you're looking for business social media links, business reviews, footage, current sales, or basic information such as extended hours before Yom Tov, you'll find everything you need in one place.
You can easily search for a specific business or filter your search by keyword, type of business, sale, distance, and more.


A ‘Shop It’ shopper account is not necessary to benefit from ‘Shop It’, but by creating an account and becoming a ‘Shop It’ member, you will have the option of bookmarking your favorite shops and businesses, leaving reviews, getting a monthly exclusive deal to a shop or business, and best of all getting rewarded!

‘Shop It’ will have monthly giveaways for members, the winners will receive a gift card to one of their favorite shops. If the winner has posted a review, bookmarked a business, or has completed other specific activities that month, the gift card amount will be doubled.

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In summary, Lakewood's rapid growth has made it a popular shopping destination, but finding what you need can be challenging. Shop It offers a convenient solution, providing a centralized location for all of your shopping needs. With a reward points system, it's a win-win for shoppers. So what are you waiting for? Just Shop It!